Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman Throw a Body-Switching Comedy CHANGE-UP

     March 11, 2010


Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman have signed on to star in the Universal comedy, The Change-Up.  According to Variety, the story “centers on a responsible family man (Bateman) who switches bodies with his best friend, a lazy man-child (Reynolds).

This was a popular theme when Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron exchanged bodies in Like Father, Like Son way back in 1987.  And then again, when Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage did the same a year later in Vice Versa.  Women helped to lead the body-switching way with the 1976 comedy Freaky Friday starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster.  This concept about complete opposites switching bodies is nothing new to Hollywood. However, I think this particular film will be worth your time and money.  Hit the jump to find out why.

First and foremost, the screenplay was penned by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the men behind the ridiculously hilarious, The Hangover. On top of that, David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) is on board to co-produce and direct.  The minds behind two of the biggest comedies in the past decade have earned our loyalty.

Add Ryan Reynolds – who I personally feel is at his best in senseless comedic roles (Waiting, Van Wilder) – and Jason Bateman – one of the industry’s best comedic straight men, as proven in his three amazing seasons on Arrested Development – and you have pretty much set yourself up for comedic success.  Please don’t let us down with this one, fellas.


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