Watch Ryan Reynolds Interview Hugh Jackman, Slam ‘X-Men Origins’

     February 16, 2016


If you’ve seen Deadpool (and judging by the box office, you almost certainly have), then you’re well aware that the film takes more than a couple of good swipes at Hugh Jackman and his X-Men persona. In real life, Jackman and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds are buddies, so while a Wolverine cameo failed to materialize in the R-rated superhero pic, Jackman’s presence was felt in more ways than one. But it appears that the Reynolds/Jackman relationship goes both ways, as Reynolds recently “crashed” the junket for Jackman’s new film Eddie the Eagle to hilarious results.

Reynolds’ quick wit makes him a natural for this kind of video, and the conversation inevitable turns to the two taking the opportunity to make a few more jokes at the expense of their onscreen pairing in the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine and that film’s mishandling of the Deadpool character. The chemistry between Reynolds and Jackman is gold, and this video really makes me yearn for another onscreen team-up. Is it too much to hope for Wolverine to tag along for the ride in Deadpool 2? Or maybe they could get together for X-Force? I know Jackman’s busy crafting what will be his swan song for the character in the form of another standalone film, and clearly the Deadpool tone doesn’t traditionally fit with the angle of the Wolverine movies, but come on, these guys are too good together for this not to happen. Dear Hollywood, this is your next priority please and thank you.

Check out the video below and sound off with your thoughts on how Reynolds and Jackman should team up in the comments section. The inspiration true story sports film Eddie the Eagle also stars Taron Egerton and opens in theaters on February 26th. You can read Perri’s glowing review right here.

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