Ryan Reynolds Is GREEN LANTERN

     July 10, 2009


Yesterday, we learned that the choices for playing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in Martin Campbell’s adaptation of the popular DC superhero comic were down to Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, and Bradley Cooper.  24 hours later, Variety has our answer: It’s Reynolds.  When it came down to these three choices, I am overjoyed that Reynolds landed the role.  Hit the jump to find out why I think this is the right choice.

Now, while I would prefer that we had the John Stewart-Green Lantern just so we could have some diversity among our superheroes, if we have to go with Hal Jordan, I think Reynolds is a fine choice.  In addition to his endless charisma and charm, physical fitness (do a Google Image search for Reynolds and try to find a picture of him wearing a shirt), and, oh yeah, ability to act.  That’s not to say that Timberlake or Cooper wouldn’t work.  I think Timberlake is a far better actor than people give him credit for but he’s got a lot on his plate with his clothing and music empire.  Cooper’s shown he can be a hero in “Alias” but these days his big-screen roles cast him more as a sleazebag/ass-hole so not exactly superhero material (Variety says Jared Leto was in the running; yeah, right).

But the best part: it totally delays a potential “Deadpool” movie.  After “Wolverine”, I have no faith in that team to put together a quality film despite Reynolds’ best efforts.  “Green Lantern” is a project with far more potential and I think a lot of fanboys just breathed a sigh of relief that Reynolds has the role.  Chime in below if you’re one of them (or not, but you should be).

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