Watch: Ryan Reynolds Shares an Explosive Behind-the-Scenes Video from ‘6 Underground’

     September 19, 2018

ryan-reynolds-sliceNot a ton of info is out there about 6 Underground, Netflix’s upcoming Michael Bay flick starring Ryan Reynolds. We know the script comes from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, that it’s currently filming for a 2019 release date, and that it’s either about a group of billionaires forming an underground hit squad or it’s secretly a Thundercats movie. Either way, Reynolds took to Twitter today to confirm the one piece of information we could have already bet money on: This Michael Bay film features a few extraordinarily loud explosions and at least one car crash.

The Deadpool star’s behind-the-scenes video sees the actor on-set describing the “stillness” of working on a Bay film. “The best part of shooting with Michael Bay?” Reynolds says. “A lot of people would say the action, for me it’s the stillness. Those quiet moments…”

Behind him, pyro explodes right on cue and a car straight flies through the air, careening over a few more stunt drivers crashing into each other.

This is pretty par for the course for your average Michael Bay joint; the only thing the director loves more than strangely erotic shots of military helicopters is a good bit of pyrotechnics. Bay is probably best known as the mind behind the Transformers franchise, a series of CGI orgies in which Mark Wahlberg playing an inventor only ranks like 500th on a list of ridiculous plot points. I once tried to explain them beginning-to-end and the process quite literally drove me insane. Even then, I’ll admit I’m genuinely curious what a film blending Bay’s fiery tendencies with the Deadpool writers’ over-the-top sensibilities looks like.

Check out Reynolds’ video below. 6 Underground—which also stars Melanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Ben Hardy, and Cory Hawkins—is currently filming and slated to hit Netflix in 2019.

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