Ryan Reynolds Saves Peloton Wife, Introduces Her to the Healing Power of Gin in a New Ad

     December 8, 2019


Ryan Reynolds is never one to shy away from a good joke, especially when it’s an up-to-the-minute, meta joke which fits in perfectly with the zeitgeist. So, when Reynolds released a new ad for his company Aviation Gin featuring the recently viral television ad character Peloton Wife (real name: Monica Ruiz), the applause was warranted for being able to capitalize on a viral TV ad with one destined to go even more viral.

For those who missed it during the first week of December, the exercise bike company Peloton released a new Christmas ad featuring Ruiz as a woman named Grace, a.k.a. “Peloton Wife,” whose husband gifts her with a Peloton bike. As seen in the ad, Grace makes vlogs over the course of a year showing her using the bike after work, squeezing in some extra time during the day, and more. The reason the ad went bananas-level viral, however, was thanks to the final seconds which see Grace and her husband watching all of the vlogs together so she can show him just how much the bike changed her life. People honed in on the fact that Ruiz, as Grace, looked a bit dead behind the eyes as if shell-shocked from feeling forced to use an exercise bike for a whole damn year.

Cut to a few days later, when Reynolds tweeted out a Christmas ad for Aviation gin. Reynolds has participated in tongue-in-cheek Aviation ads before, so it’s safe to say the expectations for the new ad were we would be getting something equally as dry and witty. But the internet was not prepared for this ad, which Reynolds tweeted with the simple line, “Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin.” The still frame for the ad was of Ruiz and suddenly, the pieces clicked into place the ad was geared at turning the viral ad into the foundation of a big, meta joke for this Aviation ad.

And folks, the ad is genius. The gist of it is that Ruiz, still in Peloton Wife mode, is having a night out with two friends. The friends seemingly took her out to get her out of the house and loosen up after the hell of being forced to use an exercise bike. Peloton Wife comments on how smooth the gin is and her friends agree before telling her she’s safe and encouraging her to drink more — and offer Peloton Wife happily accepts. It’s so incredibly good and smart and fun, you have to tip your cap to Reynolds and Aviation Gin.

Check out the Aviation Gin “Gift Responsibly” ad below. Oh, you want more Ryan Reynolds-related stuff? Why don’t you check out the first trailer for Free Guy which dropped at CCXP 2019 earlier this weekend?