Sacha Baron Cohen on ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ and Pushing the Envelope

     March 11, 2016


One of the joys of watching The Brother’s Grimsby is experiencing the uproarious audience reaction certain moments lead to. Written and starring Sacha Baron Cohen, it makes for an unparalleled viewing experience.

It’s impossible to feel indifferent towards the comedy and Cohen has been playing this up as part of the film’s promotion – screening the most outrageous scene and showing the response it’s met with.

Set in the rural Northern English town of Grimsby, the film follows Nobby (Cohen) – a dimwitted foster father of nine who enjoys having public romps with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and shooting fireworks from his rear. He’s troubled by his childhood, in which he was separated from his brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), and longs to reconnect with him.


Image via Sony/Columbia Pictures

When the two finally reunite, he learns that Sebastian is a decorated MI6 agent. When Sebastian finds himself on the run and working to stop an act of global destruction – he has little choice but to seek Nobby’s help. As the suave spy and pub loving loon join forces, they must put aside their differences and embark on a rocky transcontinental mission.

In many ways, The Brothers Grimsby is Cohen’s most outrageous film to date. There’s no joke off limits and no act too lewd. From quips about Bill Cosby to one much talked about moment involving elephant mating – you can’t help but be amused.

During my video interview with the Cohen, he discussed knowing just how far to push the envelope, fighting censorship, and the cultural commentary in the film.

Sacha Baron Cohen:

  • On the art of entertaining an audience without losing them.
  • Narrowly avoiding an NC-17 rating and the issues with the MPAA rating system.
  • The social critique that’s woven into the story.
  • His decision to have Donald Trump contract HIV in the film.


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