The Best Sad Movies on Netflix Right Now

     March 24, 2020


Why seek out a pulse-pounding action film or a knee-slapping comedy when you can get the waterworks going?  Sad movies resonate longer and more deeply than do others. They connect with a part of us that wants to feel something more than mere entertainment when we sit back and tune out the rest of the world.  And yet, they might remind us of our own lives, of the one that got away, of a lost family member.

Heartbreak is shared across the spectrum of the human condition in such a way that total strangers having endured a similar pain, or having survived the same horrific event, oft bond like the best of friends.  Because sorrow unites us all.

So get those tissues ready and convince yourself that you’re not crying; you just have something in both of your eyes.  These are the best sad movies on Netflix right now.

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