New Trailer for SAFE Starring Jason Statham

     November 10, 2011

Criminals are now so afraid of Jason Statham that they’re mobilizing an entire city to take him down…and it still might not be enough. In a new trailer for Safe, just released from Lionsgate, Statham plays Luke Wright, an ex-cop from New York who witnesses some tough guys attempting to abduct a twelve-year-old girl. After rescuing her, Wright learns that the girl has memorized a code and that the Triads, Russian Mafia and corrupt NYC officials all want it. They’ll do anything to get it, but they’ll have to go through Wright first.

Directed by Boaz Yakin (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), Safe also stars Anson Mount (Straw Dogs), Chris Sarandon (Fright Night), Reggie Lee (Grimm) and James Hong (Blade Runner). Safe opens up on March 2, 2012. If you’re a fan of Statham, you’ll want to hit the jump and check out this trailer.

I like the idea of Statham having to protect the little girl from all the violence and mayhem going on around him. It gives the guy a bit of a weakness, an Achilles’ heel, which seems to be lacking in some of his movies. It’s a testament to how badass Statham is that he now has to get through the Chinese crime syndicate, the Russian mafia and the whole of the NYPD to get safely out of Manhattan. (Loved the last line of the trailer where he drops a one-liner in Russian!) It’s no wonder this guy is wanted for every action franchise under the sun.

Click over to Yahoo! to watch the trailer in HD.

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