Exclusive ‘Saint Maud’ Poster & New Images Tease A24’s Stunning New Horror Movie

     February 21, 2020

A24 has become known for a lot of things in the cinephile community; fiercely idiosyncratic indies, ambitious and unusual horror films, extravagantly priced merch you can’t help but add to your cart anyway… the list goes on. But one of the most remarkable qualities in their winning streak is how often they provide a platform for visionary first-time filmmakers. From coming-of-age comedies like Greta Gerwig‘s Lady Bird and Bo Burnham‘s Eighth Grade to instant horror classics like Robert EggersThe Witch and Ari Aster‘s Hereditary to pensive dramas like Joe Talbot‘s The Last Black Man in San Francisco, A24 is consistently home to remarkable feature debuts.

The next absolute knockout debut on the list is Rose Glass‘ Saint Maud, a searing existential horror movie that’s been racking up all kinds of critical praise on the festival circuit, and we’ve got a new batch of exclusive images for the film. I was lucky enough to catch Saint Maud at Fantastic Fest last year, where I was totally floored by its slow-burn slip into a cruel and carnal crisis of faith.

Morfydd Clark stars as the devout and possibly delusional Maud, a young hospice nurse recovering from a mysterious trauma when she takes a job caring for a dying non-believer (Jennifer Ehle, who is extraordinary in the role). When Maud makes it her mission to save her patient’s soul, a battle of wits and beliefs ensues with some gnarly existential results. Saint Maud has body horror, it’s got psychological horror, religious horror, and a whole host of imagery that’ll get seared right into your brain. In short, it’s another on-brand horror win for A24 and I’m excited for you to check it out when it arrives in theaters on April 3. For now, you can check out our exclusive new images below and read more of my thoughts in our full review.



Image via A24


Image via A24


Image via A24


Image via A24


Image via A24

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