What’s Scarier: ‘Saint Maud,’ or the Fact That It’s Getting Released July 17?

     June 16, 2020


Listen: I love horror movies. And I love seeing horror movies in a crowded theater, hearing everyone’s reactions alongside me. Ask me about my “what a person sitting next to me did during the last moments of Hereditary” story sometime, it’s great. But despite all this, I must say: I love “not spreading a still-spreading pandemic” more. Which is why I’m a little scared to hear that Saint Maud is getting a new release date from A24: July 17. And not “scared” in a good way.

I am stoked for Saint Maud. Our own Haleigh Foutch gave it a glowing review when she saw it at Fantastic Fest 2019. Everything I hear about Rose Glass‘ vision promises a new, prestige horror powerhouse from A24 (the mad geniuses behind Hereditary and Midsommar) while still feeling cryptic enough to shock and surprise me when I do finally see the picture. And the writing regarding “opening up movie theaters and releasing new movies starting in July” seems to be firmly on the wall. Chains like Regal and Cinemark are announcing their plans, NATO is disseminating all kinds of optimistic literature, and cinema’s resident “stubborn daddy” Christopher Nolan is giving us Tenet at the end of the month, seemingly no matter what. On a personal level: It would do wonders for my mental health to be able to see a horror film in a theater again. Why can’t I just give into the hopefulness and be happy about this?


Image via A24

Because of the data, I suppose. Some of it looks surprisingly good, some of it looks unfortunately bad. But on a pure, mathematical level: The majority of US states, all headed toward the track of things reopening, are still seeing rising coronavirus cases. Granted, some of this is “good news,” as it means more states are getting more consistent tests. But with all of this still up in the air, the frustrating social apathy toward wearing masks (including from the aforementioned Cinemark), and the fact that our death rates our colossal, I would just feel so much better waiting to see a horror movie in the cinema when this particular world horror feels more confidently reigned in. And I hope, and pray to Saint Maud, that I am wrong come July.

Saint Maud, may she help us all, comes out in theaters July 17, 2020. Check out the latest trailer here.


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