Salma Hayek Spins Out of the Action-Thriller FASTER Starring Dwyane Johnson

     January 31, 2010


Deadline reports that Salma Hayek has dropped out George Tillman Jr.’s upcoming action-thriller Faster starring Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Moon Bloodgood, and Maggie Grace.  Filming is set to begin in a week and so the filmmakers are working at an accelerated rate to cast this role.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to increase their speed and we’ll be able to report on a new actress for the role.  Of course, it’s a shame the film is losing Hayek but I’m sure the production will be able to find someone who enjoys high velocity.

For those who haven’t heard about the film, Faster follows an ex-con (Johnson) who is pursued by cops and killers as he attempts to avenge his brother’s death. It’s unknown what role Hayek was set to play.  Probably not the ex-con’s brother.


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