Sam Raimi and Columbia Re-teaming for ‘Misery’ Meets ‘Cast Away’ Horror Project

     October 18, 2019


Sam Raimi and Columbia Pictures are getting back together for a little tropical vacation. With blood and frights! The untitled horror project will be written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who penned 2017’s Baywatch and 2009’s Friday the 13th. Raimi will direct the film and produce under Raimi Productions.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the tone will be something like “Misery meets Cast Away.” Now that’s a marriage built to last. Imagine Kathy Bates marooned on an island with a debilitated Tom Hanks, her obsessed affections spilling into torture, in the hopes of escaping on his corpse-turned-lifeboat, a la Swiss Army Man. We know, it’s the tone of those films, not the stories.

Columbia acquired the project after hearing the pitch, preventing it from exploring the market for other buyers. Raimi, who famously kicked off his career in horror with cult classic The Evil Dead (and its comedic sequel, Evil Dead II), last explored the genre in 2009’s Drag Me to Hell. He teamed with Columbia on his Spider-Man trilogy. Said Raimi of this project:

“I am thrilled to be reunited with Columbia Pictures and re-teaming with Sanford (Panitch, Sony’s motion pictures group president) and Ange (Giannetti). I have been a fan of Shannon and Swift and we have found the perfect adventure to share with the world.”

So, Raimi’s Baywatch fan? Not exactly. Many writers have a broad range of interests, which reflects in their work, whether or not those scripts ever see production. And Raimi knows that first hand as it relates to Swift and Shannon. He was attached to their still un-produced Bermuda Triangle project, which has been floating around for quite some time. It’s currently in development at Skydance. Envisioning a Bermuda Triangle horror/thriller (or whatever it is) also sounds intriguing, especially with Raimi behind it. In the meantime, we’ve got some island terror to look forward to.

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