Sam Raimi’s DRAG ME TO HELL Had a Test Screening Tonight

     January 27, 2009

Steve here. Earlier this evening, in the lovely city of Burbank, was a test screening of the new Sam Raimi movie “Drag Me To Hell”. I know 6 people that got into see it and it seems like everyone loved it. I couldn’t be happier that Sam’s back. Anyway, Collider’s own David Lane was at the screening and he’s sent over a write-up. It’s relatively spoiler free. Here’s David.

Hey, this is David Lane. I only write for the site occasionally, but I really have to after what I saw tonight. I caught a test screening of Drag Me To Hell in Burbank and it was unbelievable. Since the movie isn’t coming out for awhile, this write-up will be spoiler free….

If you’ve seen the Evil Dead movies and love them, then you’ll loooooove this movie. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in theaters in such a long time. It’s about a three day curse where at the end of the three days a demon from hell grabs you and brings you to hell. You find out about it right way in the beginning with a scene that breaks a lot of “horror rules.” The credits then give you hints of what’s going to happen.

Allison Lohman plays a girl at a bank who approves loans. She’s under pressure to get an assistant manager job and screws over an old lady so she loses her house. Bad idea. The lady puts a curse on her and the movie gets badass from there. Right away we’re in old school Raimi horror territory, with a scene straight out of Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness.

The car scene is what everyone was talking about after the movie. You’ll know what I meant when you get to it. It’s scary and gross and the physical comedy is awesome. After that it’s just non stop until the ending. There will be some character stuff then a huge jump scare or something really disgusting, that’s the pattern until the ending. There are some moments where I just jumped out of my chair. It’s really great.

The whole cast was fun. Allison Lohman was surprisingly great with the physical stuff and Justin Long was funny and likable as her boyfriend. Everyone is good in it. I cannot wait until this comes out so I can see it again. I wish Raimi wasn’t doing Spider-Man 4 and he just did a ton of movies like this. It’s so great to see he still has it.

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