Sam Worthington talks AVATAR and CLASH OF THE TITANS

     May 9, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Yesterday I participated in roundtable interviews with the cast of “Terminator Salvation”. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I saw the movie last Thursday. While I can’t say what I thought due to being under embargo, I can say Sam Worthington is going to be a movie star.

The fact is, not only does Sam play Marcus in “Terminator Salvation”, he’s also one of the leads in Jim Cameron’s “Avatar” and he’s currently shooting “Clash of the Titans” under director Louis Leterrier. He actually flew in from set to promote “Terminator”.

Clearly Hollywood believes in him, and after watching “Terminator Salvation”, so do I.

Anyway, with info on “Avatar” so rare, I figured you’d like to read what Sam said about watching some footage from the film and what he’s currently shooting on “Clash of the Titans”….

Look for the full transcript soon. But if you’d like to listen to the entire interview now click here. Finally, I just posted 10 movie clips from “Terminator Salvation”, so click here to watch them.

Have you seen the final version of Avatar?

Sam: I’ve seen the latest cut. A lot of it isn’t all rendered. What’s my thought on that? It’s a fucking beast that’s going to kick everybody in the head.

Can you talk about your character?

Sam: He’s a former Marine who goes to another planet to drive these remote controlled bodies called Avatars. That’s basically it.

What’s more challenging, Terminator or Avatar?

Sam: Two different beasts. Totally different. With Jim it was 13 months non-stop, eight months of motion capture. This we shot four. Avatar was 13 for me and I was short. Jim’s been working on it five years.

Have you seen it in 3D?

Sam: Yeah. You see the playback in 3D. 3D for Jim is like digital for Danny Boyle. That’s just the format Jim likes. He believes it brings the audience more into the screen. It’s not ooga-booga, it’s literally you’re looking around shit. And with it being photorealistic it actually pings in a lot better. Your brain starts to buy it. It doesn’t get distracted and distanced. You believe you’re on Pandora.

Did you have that kind of immersive experience while watching it?

Sam: Yeah from what I’ve seen in 3D, yeah. It looks like we shot it in Hawaii, it’s that fucking real.

What’s going on with Clash of the Titans?

Sam: At the moment we took on the Medusa and we took on the witches. We go back and take on a heap of scorpions and then we take on the Kraken. We’re running around in a dress, fucking killing everything!

Is it a remake of the one from the ‘80s?

Sam: Yeah. It’s the same kind of general story, we just ramped it up

Did you take a look at the Harry Hamlin performance?

Sam: Oh I want to do it exactly the same. That guy’s gonna come after me…no, I had a take on Perseus that I said to Louie and he went with it and the studio kind of liked my take, and we’ll see if it works

Comes out when next year?

March, I think. It’s real quick. We’ve done two and a half weeks. It’s extremely quick.

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