New SAN ANDREAS Clip for Anyone Who Makes It Through Two Mountain Dew Ads

     April 10, 2015


I have to admit that MTV is killing it with their exclusive clips in advance of the MTV Movie Awards (which I hope are this weekend so these clips will eventually come to an end). They’ve been able to premiere clips from lots of really great looking summer movies. But the way in which they’ve approached it is a constant reminder that we’re in the middle of a late stage capitalism nightmare and the end is nigh. Each movie clip is preceded by not one, but two Mountain Dew ads. First, we get a traditional 30 second ad (this can be skipped if you decide to watch the clip a second time) followed by a 15 second spot in which Josh Horowitz powers up via a can of this poison (my neurologist and the amount of white matter changes in my brain can attest to the amount of neurotoxins in this stuff).

In the case of this San Andreas clip, after that we get an intro to the clip with Horowitz and star Dwayne Johnson that totals around 45 seconds, then we get the actual 59 second clip. After watching this I opened a new browser to ensure that I got both ads before the clip started. Then I broke out my stopwatch app. After I hit “play” I had to wait for 1:33.79 to elapse before I could see my earthquake destruction.

None of this is a slight against San Andreas, which looks fun to me. I just feel like we’re reaching terminal corporate mass. The film also stars Carla Gugino, Alexandra DaddarioArchie PanjabiIoan GruffuddWill Yun LeeColton Haynes, and Kylie MinogueSan Andreas opens in 3D on May 29, 2015.

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