Sanaa Lathan Discusses the Perils of Showering in ‘The Perfect Guy’

     September 9, 2015


Ever since Psycho, the shower has become forever entwined with thrillers popping up in pretty much every single genre entry since. It’s gotten to the point where if a character says they’re going to take a shower, it’s a guarantee something creepy or terrible is going to happen during. It’s become the equivalent of “I’ll be right back”. The Perfect Guy is the apex of shower usage. There are three whole scenes centered within its domain. Even the Sony logo comes up to the sound of a shower running.

The lovely Sanaa Lathan stars as Leah, a successful career woman looking to settle down and enjoy a shower without someone creeping around watching. Unfortunately neither of these things will happen during the course of the film. After breaking up with the commitment-phobic Dave (Morris Chesnutt), Leah starts up a relationship with the seemingly perfect Carter (Michael Ealy); but things aren’t quite as they appear. Carter hides a violent side and soon things begin to spiral downward for the not-so-happy-couple.

In the following interview with Lathan, she discusses showers, stalking and her favorite thrillers. Watch below. The Perfect Guy opens in theaters this Friday

Sanaa Lathan:

  • What makes showers a nexus point for thrillers?
  • Does Lathan now have a fear of showers?
  • What is Lathan’s favorite thriller/horror?
  • What would she do if she found herself in similar circumstances to The Perfect Guy?
  • As a public figure – does she have any concern about stalking in the digital age?


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