SANJAY’S SUPER TEAM Images Reveal Pixar’s Next Short Film

     July 6, 2015


When Pixar first started breaking out in the feature film world, they also earned a reputation for creating inventive, visually stunning short films. Movies like One Man Band, Lifted, and Partly Cloudy were wonderful preludes to the feature-length Pixar film that would soon follow, but in recent years the Pixar shorts have been somewhat lacking. The Blue Umbrella was downright odd, and Lava—attached to the excellent Inside Out—is just plain bad. But Pixar’s next short film, which will play in front of The Good Dinosaur this November, is mighty promising.

USA Today has the first images from Sanjay’s Super Team, which follows a young Indian boy who is too transfixed by TV cartoons to pay attention to his father, who wants him to partake in a morning Hindu meditation ritual instead. Subsequently, Sanjay imagines three Hindu deities—Durga, Vishnu, and Hanuman—come to life and form their own superhero team.

Director Sanjay Patel drew from his own experiences for the film’s story, and while the short is dialogue-free, Patel enlisted Life of Pi composer Mychael Danna to put together a fittingly non-Western soundtrack.

Take a look at the beautiful first images below. Sanjay’s Super Team will play in front of all showings of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, which opens in theaters on November 25th.


Image via Pixar


Image via Pixar


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