Watch: Saoirse Ronan Sings for Her Fans in ‘SNL’ Promo

     December 1, 2017


Filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s triumphant indie Lady Bird is all the rage at the moment, from scoring a Rotten Tomatoes record for positive reviews to landing Best Picture and Actress awards from the New York Film Critics Circle, and it’ll get another boost this weekend when star Saoirse Ronan hosts Saturday Night Live. This will be Ronan’s first time hosting the comedy series, but she seems more than prepared to have a great time in this funny SNL promo.

Framed around the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza, Ronan mistakes tree onlookers for fans of hers, pompously breaking out into song while Cecily Strong looks on in horror. It’s pretty delightful and a swell reminder that Ronan is actually really funny when given the chance. Lady Bird toes the line between comedy and drama and Ronan excels at both, and while her filmography is packed with quite serious films like Atonement and Brooklyn, I would 100% be down to see her lead a comedy at some point.

We’ll possibly have an even better idea of her chops when we see her SNL episode this weekend, but in the meantime if you haven’t seen Lady Bird and it’s playing in a theater near you, I highly suggest seeing it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the hype—it’s not some game-changing piece of cinema. It’s simply a great story, told impeccably well, packed with human, relatable characters. It’s a joy from start to finish.

Check out both this promo and a more traditional one featuring musical guest U2 below.