Sara Paxton and Director Ti West THE INNKEEPERS Interview

     February 2, 2012

Sara Paxton and Director Ti West THE INNKEEPERS Interview slice

While Ti West is not yet a household name he is a strong brand and a seal of quality. Beginning with the ultra-low budget The Roost before moving on to Trigger Man, House of the Devil and the troubled Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, West has spent the last decade producing a string of high quality creepers that recall Edgar Allen Poe and The Dulpass Brothers in equal measure.

Hitting theaters tomorrow after a VOD run is his new film, The Innkeepers, which West acutely describes as, “A charming ghost story.” Like most of West’s previous films, it is an understated and moody horror yarn that focuses more on characters than it does on blood, guts and jump scares. It’s a real gem if you’re willing to step outside the expected genre conventions.  Recently, I sat down with West and his star Sara Paxton to discuss the film. During the interview we talked about the movie’s indie stylings, meta jump scares, what it’s like to work with a director who also acts, West’s role in the upcoming (and also exceptional) slasher You’re Next and much, much more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, for more on The Innkeepers, click here.

Sara Paxton and Director Ti West

  • West discusses how the film was designed as a “Charming ghost story” set in the world of work-a-day slackers.
  • Paxton explains how this role is the closest she has ever played to herself.
  • Talk about the ‘meta jump scare’ that begins the movie.
  • Paxton talks about not knowing that the jump was coming on set.
  • Musings on the differences between a smaller indie film and Shark Night 3D and Cabin Fever 2.
  • West talks a bit about You’re Next and the advantages of working with an actor/director.
  • More discussion of You’re Next.


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