Watch: Sarah Paulson, Kirsten Dunst and More Drama Actresses Get Candid in 1-Hour Roundtable

     July 6, 2016


It’s Emmy season folks, and that means there are a number of campaigns ongoing as the various networks vie to score awards for some of their best programming of the year. But it also means we get things like THR’s Roundtable series, in which groups of performers and filmmakers get together and discuss the craft, their shows, and the business in general in what can sometimes result in enlightening and fascinating conversation, as is the case with the THR Roundtable for the Best Drama Actress contenders.

This particular group of leading ladies is made up of Sarah Paulson (American Crime Story), Constance Zimmer (UnReal), Kerry Washington (Scandal), Kirsten Dunst (Fargo), Regina King (The Leftovers, American Crime), Jennifer Lopez (Shades of Blue), and Julianna Marguiles (The Good Wife).

While the conversation covers the normal ins and outs, including the various difficulties faced in bringing these diverse characters to life, the actresses also get real candid about their experiences in the industry, especially regarding sexism. It’s fascinating to hear such stories from these undoubtedly talented women, and also to hear about the television industry from a female perspective. The discussion even covers the differences that arise when a female director comes onto a show, and how having a female showrunner can sometimes alter the vision and direction of the series.

There are also plenty of other kinds of stories to be found, as well as interesting discussion about the pros and cons of network TV versus cable or online outlets (especially from Marguiles, a network veteran), so if you’re at all interested in what it’s really like in the TV industry, this is well worth your time. Take a look below at THR’s Best Actress Emmy Contenders roundtable discussion.


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