SNL Clips: WAYNE’S WORLD Oscar Edition, THE ROOMMATE Parody, and a Busy James Franco

     February 6, 2011


Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live with host Dana Carvey had a high ratio of movie-related comedy, kicking off with Carvey reuniting with Mike Myers for a Wayne’s World segment that breaks down the Oscar nominees.  Neither Wayne nor Garth have seen it, but naturally their favorite film of the year is Winter’s Bone.

There was also a parody of The Roommate (starring Justin Bieber and Andy Samberg Sir Ben Kingsley), insight into the ubiqutous James Franco (“I like having jobs!”), and a slew of celebrity impressions including Ice-T, Eddie Murphy, and Anna Faris.  View the clips after the jump.

Wayne’s World

The Roommate

Weekend Update: James Franco

Teen Crisis Hotline