SAW 3D Red Band Clip

     October 22, 2010


A red band clip from the upcoming Saw 3D is now available for your viewing pleasure (or, depending on how you feel about watching humans be more or less eviscerated, viewing displeasure).  While I’ll admit to having lost interest in the series about five installments ago, judging from this clip, it does seem as if the guys and gals behind Saw 3D are giving the whole three-dimensional thing their level best effort.  For better or worse, it should make for an interesting 3D screening.

Assuming you’re in a safe place where no one is going to judge you for taking in a little blood and guts, hit the jump to check out the clip.  Saw 3D stars Tobin Bell and Cary Elwes.  It opens October 29th.

Here’s the clip [for HD, click over to IGN]:



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