Celebrate 7 Films Of Eye Gouging, Limb Chopping And Face Ripping Kills On The SAW At Sea Cruise

     April 17, 2012


So maybe the Saw franchise took a turn for the ludicrous and flat out confusing towards the latter end of its run, but there’s still no denying that series creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell turned Jigsaw into a horror icon. What happens when a villain achieves icon status? He amasses a following of course, and now Twisted Pictures, Carnival and Rabin Management are letting that following celebrate the beloved franchise on a cruise.

The Carnival Glory will be outfitted to host the ultimate Saw fan experience. Leaving New York City on Saturday, August 11th, docking in Saint John, NB, Canada on the 13th, in Halifax, NS, on the 14th, and returning to New York on the 16th, the event boasts a slew of Saw-centric events. Hoffman himself, Costas Mandylor, will be on board as well as a few other familiar faces including Mark Rolston of Saw 5 and 6 and Ned Bellamy of the original film. You know, the guy who took a pair of drills to the neck!  Hit the jump for more details.

A couple of purchase options are already sold out, but there is a bunch that’s still available. Regardless of which room you go for, you get access to the 22 lounges and bars, nightclubs, gym, shops and restaurants as well as pictures with the Saw stars, have the chance to attend Saw screenings, participate in a Saw trivia contest and, for the inked fans out there, compete in a Saw tattoo contest.

I’m certainly not hardcore enough to rock a Saw tattoo, but as someone who’s stuck with the franchise from day one, this cruise sounds like an absolute blast. If only I had $1,295 to drop on the balcony option, one of the priciest, I’d absolutely love to play in a miniature golf tournament with Mandylor. Could you imagine how killer (no pun intended) a Saw-themed mini golf course would be? Now I’m just dreaming too big.

Click here for all the details and head on over to Saw At Sea to sign up.


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