SAW Re-Release Trailer and Poster Celebrate the 10th Anniversary and Reverse Bear Trap

     September 29, 2014


It’s been four years since we got a Saw release for Halloween, but this year, the franchise is out to make a quick buck off its seven-film run.  In honor of the franchise’s 10th anniversary, the very first Saw film will hit the big screen again for one week beginning October 31st.

Leading up to the start of the film’s one-week run, we’ll get five brand new posters all of which will feature Amanda Young’s (Shawnee Smith) reverse bear trap.  In fact, the first one already hit the web and it’s a stunning rendering of one of Jigsaw’s most iconic traps.  Hit the jump to check that out and to watch the Saw re-release trailer as well.

Over the years the Saw franchise went on to accumulate over $800 million worldwide.  Some installments didn’t do as well as others, namely Saw VI, which only took $14.1 million opening weekend, but considering every single Saw film cost less than $20 million to make, even the poorest performer is still a winner.

Quality is another story, but this is James Wan’s original we’re talking about here.  The core concept may have been beaten to death, but the original is still a strong film that boasts an ingenious idea.  Watching it again on the big screen sounds like a solid holiday plan to me.  And if you dig this first Saw re-release poster, go catch a screening of Annabelle on Thursday, October 2nd because they’ll be giving them out there.

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Saw Re-Release Trailer Poster

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