SCANDAL Recap: “Like Father, Like Daughter”

     October 17, 2014


Important question for Scandal watchers: is there anyone who still wants Fitz and Olivia together, besides Fitz?  We know it’s all he has left, as he has failed “as a father, as a husband, and as a man” (in his words — but don’t forget “as a President,” too).  But is Fitz still defensible, or even likable, in any way?  When the two of them were alone together for the first time this season in the Oval Office, and “The Light” started to play, was anyone desperate for a rekindling?  Or instead, were we desperate to get to any other part of “Like Father, Like Daughter”?  Hit the jump if “we can do this later, I’m really wasted.”

scandal-recap-inside-the-bubble-kerry-washington-joe-mortonThere were three main components to “Like Father, Like Daughter,” starting with First Daughter Karen’s “dirtiest sex tape I have ever seen” (according to Liv).  After Karen gave her Secret Service detail the split and took off “on somebody’s dad’s private jet” (#TheOnePercent), she Eiffel Tower-ed two boys, one of whom filmed the act and sent it to her.  Turns out — as has been a recurring theme this season — the nasty parents pimped their kid out, this time in order to blackmail the President.  Because, apparently, they don’t know about B6-13.

Far scarier than B6-13 though was Olivia, Pope-ing the shit out of them once they decided to up their asking price for the tape at the last minute.  Olivia hasn’t had the chance to really Pope a lot of people recently, but her takedown of the skeezy parents in “Like Father, Like Daughter” was glorious, old-school Olivia.  The white hat needed to be put on (it’s been on the shelf for awhile), and that moment righted the OPA ship in a way that it desperately needed to be.

scandal-recap-inside-the-bubble-jeff-perryThe other issue, stemming from this, was another bout of Mellie and Fitz screaming at each other, and blaming one another for the failings of their family.  While Fitz did at least take some responsibility for Karen’s fallout, he showed his very worst, not just in calling his wife “Smelly Mellie,” (which should have taken everyone to whole new level of Fitz hate), but when he gave Olivia his patented Kicked Puppy look when he found out she had run off with Jake for two months.  The whole exchange and manipulation was so typical of his “if I can’t have you, no one else can. Meanwhile, I’m staying married and putting my family first” BS that has been another Fitz hallmark for several seasons now.  No one is interested, Shonda, hear my cry!

The third major component of “Like Father, Like Daughter” was the next chapter of the Rowan versus Jake saga.  It escalated quickly, didn’t it?  Jake sits on the explosive truth about Tom (who has finally become a real character, just as he’s being led off in cuffs) killing Jerry on Rowan’s orders, which gives Rowan time to intimidate Tom to the point of him “admitting” that he killed Jerry on Jake’s orders.

scandal-recap-inside-the-bubble-sonya-waglerBack to Fitz’s idiocy, though: you don’t bring Rowan into a situation.  Rowan might insert himself into a situation, he might take over a situation without you knowing, but you don’t invite Rowan in.  Fitz being Fitz, though, completely screwed over the entire situation by letting Rowan (who shouldn’t even be involved at this point) take over the interrogation of Tom.  And predictably, he let his jealousy about Jake and Olivia get in the way of Jake being able to tell him the truth (although he didn’t really press it).  Now Tom and Jake are both in custody, with Rowan in charge of them.  Remember what happened to the last prisoner Rowan had?  His international terrorist wife?  She ate through her own arm to escape, then tried to blow up the President.  It doesn’t end well.

What did end fairly well was Mellie stepping up and actually mothering her child — something Fitz was right in calling her out on (to say nothing of their baby Teddy, who no one remembers exists).  Mellie letting Karen know she understands her acting out was important (I mean, isn’t it obvious?  Mellie’s going through a breakdown herself and can clearly relate), but also that Karen has now already used her free pass (and it was one hell of a pass).  Scandal has done a very good job of allowing Mellie to grieve, and giving space to her break down.  But it’s time for Mellie to start coming back, and start kicking ass.

Meanwhile, Scandal needs to not kill Jake.  And Mellie needs a hobby.  So … Smelly Mellie to the rescue?  We can only hope (or Pope).


Episode Rating: C+

scandal-season-4-episode-1-portia-de-rossiMusings and Miscellanea:

— Abby and David had barely a moment given to them this week, except to suggest that Abby is letting her jealousy of Liv control her, while David’s conscience is starting to eat away at him (and that he is still a pushover).  The world turns.

— “I want heads on spikes!” – Fitz, a.k.a. Prince Joffrey.

— Cyrus also didn’t get any time in this hour, although he seems a lot less powerful these days than he used to.

— “Angry teenage girl with daddy issues?  I relate” – Liv.

— I really hate Fitz, but Tony Goldwyn was looking correct in his casual wear.

— “But how can they not be your friends if there’ve already had their body parts inside of you?” – Mellie.

— I wanted to slap Quinn when she gave Abby that smug look once Cyrus told Abby to let them by without asking questions.  Abby calling Quinn and Huck zombies for Olivia though was 100% accurate.

— “I’ve had to deal with Drunk Mellie, bad hygiene — no wait, Smelly Mellie, and Crybaby Mellie and Eat-Everything-That-Is-Not-Screwed-Down Mellie” – Fitz, the actual worst, who thinks he deserves a medal.  He just called his wife, who just lost her son, a crybaby by the way — let the record show.

— “Those files would bring down the U.S. government!” – David, in full-blown Scandal hyperbole mode.

— “These are children, you sick sons of bitches!” – Liv, going Full Pope.

— “She’ll be no better than a reality TV star, the lowest form of life” – Liv, preaching.

— “I don’t have time for jokes, Rowan is trying to kill me” – Jake.