Aya Cash and Josh Ruben Tell Scary Stories in Trailer for Horror Comedy ‘Scare Me’

     September 14, 2020


Aya Cash and Josh Ruben star as two writers trapped together in a cabin telling each other scary stories in the trailer for the upcoming Shudder horror comedy Scare Me. The film, written and directed by Ruben, looks like a fun meta narrative about both the genre and about working in the creative industry in general, specifically commenting on the feelings of inadequacy and resentment people often feel over the success of others. Specifically, the resentment men feel for successful women.

The film follows Fred (Ruben), who rents an isolated cabin out in the woods to concentrate on writing his first novel, which appears to be about werewolves with guns. He runs into Fanny (Cash) while out on a jog and discovers that she is the author of a bestselling horror novel, a fact she immediately begins needling him over. Later that night, a storm knocks out the power, and Fanny shows up at Fred’s cabin to pass the time until the lights come back on. They decide to enter into a friendly storytelling competition to see who can come up with the scariest story. The competition gradually becomes more and more tense as Fanny’s superior storytelling abilities (and unabashed smugness) seem to push Fred to do more than tell a scary story. Chris Redd (SNL, freaking Hunter the Hunted from Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping) shows up as a pizza man who happily gets roped into the competition.

Scare Me looks like an extremely original take on horror comedy, as well as a compelling piece of commentary on misogyny and gender hostility. Check out the trailer below. Scare Me premiers on Shudder October 1.



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