NO Director Pablo Larraín to Helm SCARFACE Remake; Title Character Will Be Mexican

     March 24, 2014


Universal Pictures has finally found a director for its proposed remake of Scarface.  Though Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates previously flirted with the idea of directing the gangster redo, The Wrap reports that Chilean director Pablo Larraín is now in talks to take the helm.  Larraín previously directed the 2012 Chilean film No with Gael Garcia Bernal as well as the 2010 drama Post Mortem, so Scarface is certainly the filmmaker’s most high profile feature to date.  While we have known for a while that Universal’s redo will update the story to a modern day setting with a different ethnic background for the lead character, the specifics have remained under wraps.  However, today’s new report reveals that this Scarface update will feature a lead character of Mexican origin.

Hit the jump for more, including news on the setting of the new Scarface.

The folks over at The Wrap broke the news that Pablo Larraín is in talks to take the helm of Universal’s Scarface remake, which has a script by Donnie Brosco scribe Paul Attanasio.  The material originated with Howard Hawks 1932 film of the same name, which was then remade by Brian De Palma in 1983 with Al Pacino playing a markedly different—and over-the-top—iteration of the character in an admittedly bloated feature.

This new Scarface will take place in modern day Los Angeles and follow a Mexican immigrant’s rise in the criminal underworld as he strives for the American Dream.  Producers are open to either casting a name or a complete unknown in the lead role, but they’re looking for an authentic Latino who is bilingual and bicultural.  Should Larraín sign on, we should hear more about the project in the coming months.


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