Spooky Flicks: 5 Films That Scared the Hell Out of Me

     October 29, 2016


We’ve had a pretty outstanding year in horror so far. In addition to recent breakout indie hits like The Witch and The Invitation, there’s also been a string of solid studio horror, including The Conjuring 2, Light’s Out, The Shallows, and Don’t Breath, and a wealth of adventurous, genre-bending treats like The Neon Demon, The Greasy Strangler, and 10 Cloverfield Land.We even got a critically acclaimed Ouija sequel, if you can believe it. But in the final days of October, the lead-up to Halloween is in full swing, and now’s the perfect time to watch as many horror films as possible.

To that end, we have to turn to DVR, Netflix, and old DVD collections for a good thrill. To help you get started on your October horror-watching binge, I’ve put together a list of five films that scared the hell out of me, spanning from my very first horror movie to the films that still keep me up at night. This is not to say that these are the best horror films of all time (though some of them certainly rank on my list); they are simply the movies that stoked my primal instinct to get up, get the fuck out, and never look back. Check out the five films that scared the hell out of me below.

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