Watch Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, & Margot Robbie Fight Badass Ladies for Fun

     May 3, 2020


If you need to inject some pure adrenaline into your weekend (I know I do), then you need to watch the viral virtual fight video featuring tons of kickass stuntwomen and celebs. This video features killer stunt work from a ton of famous faces, including Black Widow co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Florence PughQuentin Tarantino-verse alums Zoe BellTracie ThomsRosario DawsonDaryl Hannah, and Julia Butters, and Birds of Prey co-stars Margot Robbie and Rosie Perez.


Image via Warner Bros.

Bell, a stunt performer and actor, first shared what has now become the very viral “Boss Bitch Fight Challenge” video earlier this weekend on Instagram. The video starts with Bell reading at home before she throws her book down and exclaims, “I’m so bored! I just want to play with my friends.” Then, an idea strikes. Bell sidles up to the camera, smiles, and (pretend) kicks the screen. This sets off a series of incredible edits where other celebs we love — including the ones previously mentioned — play a stunt-filled game of telephone as they go around pretending to fight one another. Every time the camera cuts, we not only get a great shot from someone reacting to the person who “hit” them, but we’re also treated to their wind-up and eventual unleashing of their own special move.

There are so many good highlights. We see ScarJo throwing a medicine ball; Pugh first picking up a wine bottle to throw and then thinking twice before finding a less precious weapon; Robbie hitting someone with her Harley Quinn bat; Hannah channeling her Kill Bill character and stabbing someone with a needle; Halle Berry launching herself into a pool before punching the camera; Lucy Lawless wielding her Xena, Warrior Princess blade; and even Cameron Diaz throwing a bag of groceries at her invisible sparring partner. What I’m saying is: This video rocks my world and I love seeing all of these women come together to have some fun and show off their badass fighting skills. Also, I think we need more videos like this ASAP because what the heck else are we doing right now?

You can watch the “Boss Bitch Fight Challenge” video shared by Zoe Bell below. For more, why not check out our round-ups of the best action movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video you can watch right now?

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