Scarlett Johansson Wants to See IRON MAN 2 With You and a Friend (For Charity)

     September 16, 2009


Scarlett Johansson is not just a beautiful actress.  Well, she’s mostly that, but she’s also an ambassador for the charity Oxfam.  I think they do stuff with food.  As part of her charity work, Ms. Johansson announced today that she will be auctioning off two tickets to the 2010 premiere of a little movie called “Iron Man 2”.  The winner of the coveted seats will also get a chance to chat up the Black Widow in a personal meet-and-greet before the show.  Find out how to get your hands on Johansson’s…tickets after the jump.

People Magazine posted the details of Scarlett’s philanthropic efforts on Wednesday.  As mentioned, the prize includes two tickets to the world premiere of “Iron Man 2′, a chance to meet Scarlett Johansson and (here’s the best part) a signed copy of the actress’s latest music single “Realtor” with Pete Yorn.  Scarlett has also put up her cast chair from the set of “He’s just Not That into You”.

“Iron Man 2” is cool but a free CD and a chair?  Oh hell yeah!  I am so there.  If you feel as passionately about supporting Scarlett Johansson (literally and figuratively) here are the details:

The tickets, etc. are being auctioned off through eBay beginning Thursday September 17th.  Bids will be accepted through September 24th with all proceeds benefitting Oxfam America.    Here is the eBay/Oxfam link:

If you visit Oxfam’s eBay page you will also see that other celebrity Oxfam ambassadors are auctioning off movie memorabilia and/or premiere tickets throughout September.  Colin Firth’s prize includes tickets to the London premiere of “A Christmas Carol”.

“Iron Man 2” is set to launch in theatres on May 7th, 2010.


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