Could a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Movie Happen Post-Emmys? Dan Levy Sets the Record Straight

     September 21, 2020


Sunday night was a good night to be a member of the Schitt’s Creek team at the 2020 Emmys. The comedy co-created by father-son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy (both also star alongside Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy) has gained a passionate fanbase since finding a second home on Netflix in recent years. With its sixth and final season in the can and that aforementioned fanbase rooting for them, the Schitt’s Creek team came to the Emmys as a strong contender and hoping to end their run on a high note. Incredibly, Schitt’s Creek blew its competition out of the water, winning every single comedy category and cementing its place in comedy television history.

Following the big Schitt’s Creek sweep, the Emmy-winning quartet of O’Hara, Murphy, and the Levys sat down in Vanity Fair‘s virtual pressroom to go over their big night. When VF asked whether Schitt’s Creek‘s Emmys sweep had now improved its chances to continue as a movie, Dan offered his realistic opinion. While he didn’t entirely shoot the idea down, he did give the strong impression that, as co-creator, he saw no need to pursue a Schitt‘s Creek movie at this time.


Image via Pop TV/CBC

“Here’s the thing: This is the best way we could have ever ended the show. So if there is an idea that ever pops into my head, worthy of these wonderful people, it has to be really freaking good at this point…because this was a really nice way of saying goodbye…so fingers crossed that we get a really good idea that comes into our head.”

Dan’s comments make total sense — even if it might be disappointing for fans. Without spoiling, Schitt’s Creek Season 6 wrapped up the show in a really lovely and satisfying way for our beloved once-lost, now-found Rose family. With the show managing to give every Rose family member the ending they deserved after six years of growing pains, it makes sense to allow the show some time to rest. That said, Dan also didn’t give a flat-out “no” to the idea of a movie, which gives me hope it’s still up for discussion further down the line.

Schitt’s Creek Seasons 1-5 are currently streaming on Netflix. Schitt’s Creek Season 6 (the final season!) is expected to arrive on Netflix later in 2020. Get caught up with the rest of our 2020 Emmys coverage here.

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