‘The Crows Have Eyes 3’ Trailer Starring ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Matriarch Moira Rose Is Here

     January 28, 2020


At long last, we are finally about to watch the first trailer for The Crows Have Eyes 3 starring Moira Rose (a.k.a. Catherine O’Hara), the Rose family matriarch of Schitt’s Creek. It’s been years since we last heard about Moira’s ill-fated D-list threequel she spent months filming in an Eastern European city of little renown. But finally, all of that waiting has paid off with this newly-released trailer which teases a movie on par with the best of them — and by “best”, I mean Sharknado and Birdemic.

As Entertainment Weekly reminds us, The Crows Have Eyes 3 was directed by Blaire and filmed on the Bosnian Riviera (not a thing). Based on a shocking revelation we saw play out on Schitt’s Creek, it was believed the film would be shelved indefinitely. However, The Crows Have Eyes 3 will be released now that fictional streaming service Interflix has picked it up for distribution. Ahead of the film’s Interflix debut, we can now get a gander at the work of art that is the trailer.


Image via CBC

The trailer popped up on Schitt’s Creek star and series co-creator Dan Levy‘s Instagram on Tuesday morning, the trailer features O’Hara as Moira Rose in character as ornithologist Dr. Clara Mandrake. Moira, clearly trying to keep the symptoms slowly turning her into a crow under wraps from her colleague, inserts “caw” sounds very craftily as she warns of crows swarming overheard. As if that wasn’t genius enough, we’re also treated to the movie’s tagline: “The crows have eyes and you better not look them in it.” The trailer will feature in an upcoming episode of the sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek which means we’ll finally get to see the reactions of the entire Rose family in the process.

The sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek is already on the air. You can watch the fake trailer for The Crows Have Eyes 3 below. For more, check out our round-up of the best comedies to watch on Netflix right now.

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It’s here. (c/o Interflix)

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