The Schmoedown Spectacular: The Year’s Greatest Contestants Battle over Movie Trivia

     December 24, 2016

It’s a special episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown: The Schmoedown Spectacular! Bringing together the year’s greatest contestants and to see who has the best movie trivia knowledge. This episode will contain five matches: the Innergeekdom Championship, theTeam #1 Contender Match, the Team Championship Match, the Singles#1 Contender Match and the Ultimate Championship Singles Match.

Innergeekdom Championship

The Innergeekdom is a special match between five opponents: Ashley Robinson, Robert Meyer Burnett, Jeremy Jahns, Hector Navarro and an unknown opponent. The five will battle it out between categories such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and much more.

Team #1 Contender Match

Of the two team matches for this spectacular event, two teams will battle it out to see who will face off against the #1 contenders. This match consists of Team ETC

Team Championship Match

The Team Championship Match will see Team Patriots go up against Team Top 10. Winner of this match will be the ultimate team champions.

Singles #1 Contender Match

The first singles match of the night will see Mark Reilly face off with John Rocha. The two have battled in the Schmoedown before and winner of this match will have a shot at the title match.

Ultimate Championship Singles Match

The main event of the night see Mark Ellis up against the Ultimate Movie Trivia Champion Dan Murrell. Winner of this match takes the belt and will be the ultimate champion.


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