Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel INCARCERON Comes to Fox 2000

     February 28, 2010

incarceron_book_cover_01.jpgFox 2000 has emerged victorious from the bidding scrum over the rights to Incarceron, the latest British sci-fi/fantasy young adult novel to belatedly find itself on the New York Times bestsellers list. Granted, Catherine Fisher’s novel was on the children’s books list but that did not deter Fox 2000 from flying its people out to London to settle the deal with Fisher’s representatives. According to Variety, initiating the whole process was Allan Mandelbaum of Seed Productions, Hugh Jackman’s studio.

Seed is still looking for the property that will allow it to grow independently of Jackman’s box office success and Incarceron just might do the trick. Taking place in the future, Incarceron refers to a bizarro version of Truman Burbank’s Seahaven. It is a living building which acts as a permanent repository for the descendants of the original prisoners. A young man named Flinn finds himself there yet somehow has memories of life on the outside. Through a mysterious crystal key he contacts Claudia, the Warden of Incarceron’s daughter. She is also trapped in a prison of sorts, a technologically advanced world designed to look like the 17th century. Together they begin an adventure that Seed hopes will have the legs to turn into a franchise. For now, the project is out to writers and directors. More information as it comes.

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