‘Scorpion’: 6 Things We Learned From Cast & Producers at WonderCon

     March 27, 2016


Fresh off their third season renewal, the cast and producers of CBS’s Scorpion made their WonderCon debut in Los Angeles for this year’s pop culture extravaganza. After their panel, they joined us for a roundtable interview to chat about the direction of the show, touching specifically on the romantic aspects of the show and even bringing up the possibility of incorporating musical elements to its already entertaining premise.

Producers Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton along with cast members Ari Stidham, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Robert Patrick shared with us some tidbits about what’s in store for Scorpion for the remainder of Season 2. Here are the highlights from our interview.

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    Walter will continue to struggle with his inability to admit that he does indeed possess feelings. Viewers can expect to see more of his painful efforts to initiate a romantic pursuit and try to dip his feet back into the dating field in a future episode. Someone else who still hasn’t given up on love?  Cabe. Patrick expressed his desire to see his character give that another shot, “Who do you think I should date?”  He asked, prompting for actress suggestions.

  • Waige fans, don’t despair. The slow build up to that relationship—while frustrating—is important because it’s very true to Walter’s character. But could maybe the addition of Tim Armstrong (Scott Porter) to the Scorpion team be that push that Walter needs to admit his feelings for Paige?  “Walter moves at his own pace and his pace is extremely slow,” Wootton said, “We see that he has these aspirations and in order to know what you’re missing you have to see it threatened. We’re showing Walter what he could lose.” Finally, Wootton had some reassuring words for those fans who constantly ask for more scenes of their favorite pairing. “Patience will pay off. We keep [those relationships] in mind. We’ll take care of you, we promise.”
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    While it sounds like Paige and Walter are moving in the right direction, there’s reason to believe that’s not the case for the other major relationship on the show. There might be trouble in paradise for Quintis. Thomas said Toby wants to do everything he can to keep his promise to Happy about quitting his gambling ways. “That’s true of everyone in romantic relationships but unfortunately being a human isn’t that easy. I think Toby is approaching it as best he can but a lot of his demons might get in the way. At the end of the season we’re going to see some juicy, surprising developments in the Happy/Toby department. Let’s just say, it’s not all on Toby this time.”  He teased.

  • Megan’s death was painful for everyone but the characters—including Sylvester—seemed to have overcome that loss fairly quickly. Stidham said that it came as no surprise to him that Sylvester would get over her death instead of dwelling in the loss. “She taught him how to get over her. The whole point was to be with somebody, to share this love and to lift each other up as long as we can until the shoe drops,” he added.
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    A Scorpion musical episode?  It might not be too far out of the realm of possibilities. It is no secret that Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel are both talented musicians, but Stidham revealed that he also loves making music and doing musicals. “I would love to throw that talent somewhere into Scorpion as well,” he said revealing that Patrick also has an affinity for music and signing. “He can sing, Elyes can sing, Kat is Kat, Eddie was in an early production of Bright Star (Thomas later clarified that he was only in a very early workshop of the musical), Jayden [Wong] plays piano. We should have a band,” he half-joked. Stidham also teased that there will be a keytar thrown into the mix in a future episode, “It could work. Who knows.”

  • Patrick demonstrated his singing ability by sharing with our table a clip of a concert at which he recently performed, and he also serenaded us a cappella with a short rendition of that song. When the idea of a Scorpion musical episode was brought up, he sounded like he was on board, “I would like to do it. Let’s make it happen.”


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