SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD So Beck Tags In With New Songs

     September 4, 2009


I started to anticipate “Scott Pilgrim VS  The World” the moment that Edgar Wright was announced as the director.  I’ve been a fan of the graphic novels for awhile now and its been fun being a fan and seeing this project come to life over the past year or so.  With every new casting announcement or blog post on the film’s website, the film just kept looking better and better.  If the film didn’t already sound like it was going to be as great as it could be, today Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley revealed that Beck has “recorded like 50 songs for my movie, or something”.  Beck making music for “Scott Pilgrim VS. The World”?  This is just too awesome.  You can hit the jump to find out the full details.

beck_hansen_01.jpgBryan Lee O’Malley tweeted this following message on his twitter:

“I have met Beck, though. And he’s read my books. And, oh, he recorded like 50 songs for my movie, or something. There’s that stuff.”

I’m sure that O’Malley is exaggerating with the 50 songs thing but I’m just excited to hear that at least one new Beck song will be featured in the film.  To those of you that don’t know, “Scott Pilgrim VS. the World” is about a young musician named Scott Pilgrim who must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to win her heart.  As you can imagine, music plays a gigantic role in the story.  We still don’t know what we might expect to hear when the film comes out sometime next next year but knowing that Beck is one of the names that we can anticipate on the soundtrack is great news. Well, at least to me it is since I’m a fan and I think that it’s a perfect match.

“Scott Pilgrim VS. The World” recently finished filming but it still does not have a release date.  As always, we’ll keep you updated.


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