Watch the ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Cast’ Invent Zombie-Killing Weapons

     October 29, 2015


Horror fads come and go. A few years ago it was all about vampires, and slashers dominated the 80s, but right now it’s all about the zombie. With the flesh-hungry undead dominating such a huge space in the pantheon of pop culture, it’s pretty unusual to see a fresh spin on the subgenre. Enter Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, director Christopher Landon’s new horror comedy, arriving in theaters this weekend, which follows a small troupe of boy scouts who have to put their survival skills to the ultimate test when their quiet town is overrun by a zombie scourge. Thanks to those skills, they end up concocting some pretty inventive weaponry.

In anticipation of the film’s release, I recently spoke with Landon and cast members David Koechner, Logan Miller, Sarah Dumont and Joey Morgan about their homemade weapon of choice in the face of a zombie apocalypse. I got to give them props, they came up with some pretty creative stuff, but in true scout leader fashion, it’s Koechner who devised the most practical and efficient zombie-dispatching weapon. Watch what they had to say below.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse hits theaters October 30th. Here’s the official synopsis.

Three scouts and lifelong friends join forces with one badass cocktail waitress to become the world’s most unlikely team of heroes. When their peaceful town is ravaged by a zombie invasion, they’ll fight for the badge of a lifetime and put their scouting skills to the test to save mankind from the undead.


Image via Paramount


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