Watch an Alternate Opening to SCREAM 4

     October 3, 2011


One of the staples of the Scream franchise has always been the opening sequence. This past Spring’s fourth entry in the franchise was no exception, as it featured multiple fake-outs and the signature pop-culture-infused/meta dialogue that took that we’ve come to expect from the series. It’s no secret that director Wes Craven did some reshoots on Scream 4, and with the Blu-ray release of the flick we now have a chance to see some of the stuff that was discarded, like this alternate opening to the film. For those who haven’t seen the pic just yet, we’ll keep it spoiler-free on the front page. Hit the jump to watch the alternate opening.

Now I’m a bit in the minority in that I was wholly entertained by Scream 4. I thought it was a fun entry to the franchise that commented on the kind of horror films that have take Scream’s place since the series took a breather after the less than stellar Scream 3. In the finished film’s version of this scene, Aimee Teegarden rushes down the stairs to find Brit Robertson’s character actually dead, then Ghostface finishes her off after running around the house for a bit. In this clip, Robertson isn’t dead when Teegarden gets downstairs, and there’s a little more back and forth before the bloodshed begins. I prefer the version seen in the finished film, just because the back and forth after the final fake-out feels tedious at this point, and we’re ready to get into the real scares after being teased for so long. Nevertheless, it’s kind of neat to see how Craven first shot the scene.

Here’s the clip courtesy of Scream Trilogy (via STYD):


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