Watch: Top 5 Kills in the SCREAM Movies

     June 30, 2015


Earlier this month we brought you the best kills of the Jurassic Park trilogy. Now, with the Scream TV show due to premiere on Tuesday, June 30th at 10:00pm on MTV, we’re moving on to the top five kills of the Scream series.

There is a lot of bloodshed throughout the four feature films and there’s certainly far more than five exceptional kills, but this assortment certainly embodies the unique combination of tension, satire, sass and sheer terror that makes the franchise such a standout. Will MTV’s rendition live up to those standards? Based on the first eight minutes of the show unveiled a few days ago, I’m not particularly hopeful, but at least Ghostface’s legacy will always live on via four feature films worth of slashing, stabbing, gutting, etc.

Here’s the official synopsis for MTV’s Scream TV series:

When Nina, a gorgeous entitled teen at Lakewood High School, is murdered in an apparent crime of passion, it exposes the inner workings of the town’s complex social hierarchy. After Audrey, a young artistic loner, is “outed” via cyberbullying, she has to find a way to hold her head up high with the help of Noah, her nerdy, hyper-intelligent best friend, and a renewed relationship with Emma, her former “bestie” from elementary school. In the meantime, Emma’s mom, Maggie (the town’s medical examiner) works with the town’s sheriff, Clark, to solve the murder and determine if it’s connected to a crime spree from the town’s dark past — a murder spree committed by a previous generation’s “bullying victim” Brandon James.


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