Are We Getting a SCREAM TV Series with No Ghostface?

     October 21, 2014


The Scream franchise didn’t hold up particularly well, but the 1996 original is still one of my favorite films of all time so if you do anything with the property, even turn it into a tacky tween-approved MTV show, I’m going to watch it.  However, R.J. Tolbert of Fun World, the company that owns the rights to the Ghostface mask, just dropped a little detail that threatens to decimate any interest I have in it; there may be no Ghostface in MTV’s Scream show.

No Ghostface?  Why call it Scream at all then?  Hit the jump for more on the Scream TV series including what Tolbert had to say about the lack of his iconic mask. reached out to Tolbert to ask about Fun World’s involvement in the Scream series.  Here’s what Tolbert wrote back:

“Please note, that I had been in communication with TWC regarding this and they have informed me, that as of now, and during the initial launch that GHOST FACE® is not involved in the new format. They also indicated that because of this direction, it does not mean, that Ghost Face® will not be involved at a later date.  So, there is still a question, to the question.  However, as of now, there is no involvement.”

No Ghostface whatsoever is not going to fly, but the thought of the episodes leading up to a Ghostface reveal is a promising idea.  On the one hand, a Scream TV series with no Ghostface isn’t really a Scream TV series at all, but then again, if they’ve got Ghostface hacking up helpless teens with his (or her) bowie knife the moment the show starts, that wouldn’t be a particularly original spin on the concept either.

Regardless, it seems as though poor Tolbert is taking some heat for the absence of the character.  Here’s another excerpt from his statement:

“I’m telling you now, as we get closer to Halloween, because of the many inquiries, we have had from our RETAILERS, as well as the FANS from all over the world.  In addition, ——- we have received pretty harsh notes, some addressed specifically to me, implying that Fun World and/or me, is responsible for the SERIES not having GHOST FACE® ———- nothing could be further from the truth.  We believe, SCREAM is GHOST FACE, and GHOST FACE® is Scream.  However, while GHOST FACE® is owned by Fun World, The Scream Motion Picture Franchise is owned by The Weinstein Company and it is their option to Film a movie or T.V. SHOW without GHOST FACE®.

Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and I’m sure SCREAM FANS will check out the series.  Who knows what will happen in the future regarding the series and Ghost Face®.  Never say Never.”

The Scream TV series hasn’t received an order just yet so it is totally possible that this whole scenario could change if/when the folks behind the show move beyond the pilot.  However, if that’s not the case, I just can’t imagine how the writers will tap into the franchise mythology enough to make the show earn the Scream title.