MTV Turning SCREAM Franchise into a TV Series

     June 4, 2012


The people at MTV, who have long decided that their dedication to music is a thing of the past, have found a new niche in teen-centric TV series, especially with their new, Twilight-esesque take on Teen Wolf, which just had its season premiere last night after the MTV Movie Awards (be sure to check out that new footage from The Dark Knight Rises that premiered during the show last night). Now the network has set their sights on a more recent horror property for their next series endeavor as Scream has been lined up to get the TV treatment.

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As of now TV Line says it’s not clear whether any of the film franchise’s creative team like director Wes Craven or writer Kevin Williamson is involved at all. Of course, Williamson is no stranger to TV having created Dawson’s Creek, not to mention being integral to The Vampire Diaries on The CW. Of course, the question is just how the film’s would transfer to the small screen. Each film has dealt with Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott being pursued by a different killer, always taking on the Ghostface moniker. Would the new series follow Prescott again? Or will a new generation of teens find themselves terrorized by the horror film referencing serial killer? There’s the potential for an interesting serial crime drama, but I can’t imagine MTV putting all that much effort into making it something like The Killing or other hit crime dramas

Right now former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley are developing the project, but there’s no talent involved behind the scenes yet. I’d really like to see this series be something more than a cheap attempt and making money off an established franchise, but at MTV, I don’t think there’s much hope. However, I don’t know if MTV’s audiences are the target demographic for a series like this considering Scream 4 only scored just over $38 million at the domestic box office. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.