Screenwriter Jane Goldman Interview KICK-ASS – Plus an Update on THE WOMAN IN BLACK

     April 13, 2010

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Before going any further let me be clear: you NEED to see director Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass this weekend.  It’s such an awesome movie I hope you just take my word for it and stop watching clips and trailers and see it with a crowd Friday night.  I know I’ll be seeing it again this weekend, as it’s one of my favorite films this year.  Again, I can’t recommend it enough.

If you read Collider on any sort of regular basis…you know I never say anything like that before an interview.

Anyway, last week at WonderCon I got to sit down with screenwriter Jane Goldman.  She told me how she got involved in Kick-Ass, her obsession with Twitter, we talked about how she writes and I got an update on The Woman in Black – the script she’s writing for Hammer Films.  Check out the interview after the jump:

And if you haven’t seen anything from Kick-Ass…here’s the red band trailer.  You’ll love it.  For more on the film, go here.

Jane Goldman

  • How did she get on the project and was it something that appealed to her immediately
  • Talks about how she was writing the screenplay with Matthew Vaughn while Mark Millar was writing the comic
  • How much does she enjoy Twitter
  • How does she divide up her time for writing and what’s her writing style
  • Does she have any specific time she writes and does she believe in the golden hours
  • Hammer Films talk – She’s writing The Woman in Black and what is it about
  • Is she going to work with Matthew Vaughn again and is he doing another superhero movie

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Kick-Ass movie poster

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