Screenwriter Justin Theroux Confirms Easter Egg in IRON MAN 2 – You Might Want to Stay Seated During the Closing Credits

     April 24, 2010


When the first Iron Man was released, rumors hit the net that a special Easter Egg for fans was included in the movie.  It was reported Samuel L. Jackson was in the film as Nick Fury, but most assumed it was online chatter and wild fanboy speculation.  Obviously the rumors were real, and the secret scene proved to be one of the most popular in the movie, leading Samuel L. Jackson to sign a huge deal with Marvel.

Cut to last week. A new rumor hit the net that Iron Man 2 would again include a secret scene after the closing credits.  With Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers either filming or getting ready to film in the near future, many have been wondering what Marvel would do after the credits.

So when I got to sit down with IM2 screenwriter Justin Theroux yesterday, I decided to find out if there was a secret scene in the film.  While he was guarded about saying too much, he did confirm you might want to stay through the credits.   Hit the jump for more.

iron_man_2_teaser_movie_poster_01.jpgSince many of you might not want to know what the secret scene is, I won’t reveal it here. If you want to know what it might be, click here.  It has to do with a future Marvel movie…

The other thing to know is, while I did see Iron Man 2 the other day, the print didn’t have anything after the credits ended.  But Marvel did the same thing on the first film as none of the early press screenings had the Nick Fury scene.  It was added to the prints opening day.

Anyway, when I sat down to talk with screenwriter Justin Theroux, we got to talking about imrpov and the connective tissue in all Marvel movies.  After all, while Downey Jr. likes to improv a lot, when you’re dealing with an Easter egg scene that might connect the dots to The Avengers, I wondered how much of that could be done on the spot.  Here’s what Theroux said:

Collider: Well for things like  Easter egg, is that something that you guys…is that a lot of improv or is that very scripted?

Justin Theroux: No, that’s got to be very specific because you can’t…if it was all of a sudden Tony opens a tool box and there’s a friggin’ hammer in there, you can’t bone the next guy. You know it’s not like…you want to create possibilities.  So that’s a very thought out piece. If the shield all of a sudden just falls out of the sky, whatever it is, whatever that thing is, you want to be very specific about it. So…

Collider: I understand.

Theroux: It’ll be apparent in a week and a half.

Again, while he wouldn’t say what the secret scene was, he made it very clear that something cool is coming.  So when you go to see the movie…make sure to stay till the credits end!

Look for my full interview with Justin Theroux soon.  Iron Man 2 opens May 7.


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