Exclusive ‘Sea Fever’ Trailer Pits a Deep Sea Fishing Crew Against a Subaquatic Monster

     March 9, 2020

If you’re in need of a Monday morning monster fix, we’ve got you covered with the exclusive trailer and poster debut for the upcoming creature feature Sea Fever. The film comes from writer-director Neasa Hardiman and stars Hermione Corfield as Siobhán, a marine biology student who has to spend a week studying aboard a deep sea fishing vessel and winds up trapped in a sea-faring nightmare when the ill-equipped crew comes face-to-face with an unfathomable subaquatic life form that grabs hold of the ship and refuses to let go.

I caught Sea Fever back at Fantastic Fest last year, and it’s a tightly knit monster movie laced with thoughtful messages about faith and superstition, the environment, and good old-fashioned survivalism. As Collider’s Perri Nemiroff said in her glowing review (which is also quoted in the trailer):

Sea Fever is a creature feature, and a very effective one at that, but what makes it stand out from the pack are the themes writer-director Neasa Hardiman weaves into it. Siobhán isn’t simply a cookie-cutter smarty pants who figures out how to save the day, rather someone who deeply respects the connection between man and the environment. That being of the utmost importance to Siobhán adds an especially interesting wrinkle and type of tension to the piece that Corfield runs with exceptionally well. 

Sea Fever also stars Dougray Scott, Connie Nielsen, and Olwen Fouéré. Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi label DUST will release Sea Fever in theaters and on Digital April 10, 2020. In addition, Fantastic Fest will present nationwide sneak peaks of the sci-fi creature feature on April 7th at participating Alamo Drafthouse locations. For now, you can check out the trailer and poster below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Sea Fever followed by our exclusive poster debut.

Siobhán’s a marine biology student who prefers spending her days alone in a lab. She has to endure a week on a ragged fishing trawler, where she’s miserably at odds with the close-knit crew. But out in the deep Atlantic, an unfathomable life form ensnares the boat. When members of the crew succumb to a strange infection, Siobhán must overcome her alienation and anxiety to win the crew’s trust, before everyone is lost.


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