Sean Penn Signs Back on to Play Larry in Farrelly Brothers THREE STOOGES Film

     January 5, 2010

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The Boston Herald is reporting that Sean Penn has signed back on to play Larry in the Farrelly Brothers’ (There’s Something About MaryDumb and DumberThree Stooges film. If you guys remember, back in June we reported on how Penn had suddenly dropped out of the film due to some family problems.  A couple of weeks later we then reported on how Paul Giamatti had replaced Penn to play Larry, while Jim Carrey was now no longer attached to play Curly in the film.  However, Penn is definitely now back and as Bobby Farrelly says “We got him back. He always said he wanted to do it after,you know, taking care of his family”

To read my thoughts on a Three Stooges film and what The Farrelly Brothers have coming up next, hit the jump.

Three Stooges image (3).jpgThis Three Stooges film is one of those movies I’ve been hearing about for years.  As much as I would actually really love to see a well done Three Stooges biopic, this is not what the Farrelly Brothers have in mind.   Instead, the film will take place in the present day with all three actors dressing, looking, sounding, and slapping each other around exactly like The Three Stooges.  This just makes me cringe, but yet makes me look forward to this movie even more. I feel that I can already see a Three Stooges biopic in my mind but I definitely can’t see Penn,  Benecio Del Toro (who is still attached to play Moe), and whoever will end up playing Curly in a modern day slapstick Stooges film.  This could either be a huge surprise, or an unbelievable train wreck.  Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to it and I still think that Penn is an excellent choice for Larry.  Plus, his casting just makes this film even more odd/wonderful in my mind.

However, this long in-development Three Stooges film will not be next for the Farrelly Brothers.  Instead, the brothers will be directing Owen Wilson in the comedy, Hall Pass, next.  The film, which will start shooting in Atlanta next month, is about “a ho-hum hubby whose wife, looking to spice up their sex life, gives him a “pass” to play the field for a week.”

My guess is that this Three Stooges film would then come after. Yet, they still don’t have an actor signed on to play Curly.  Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions of who you would like to see in the role because I can’t think of anyone.

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