Sean William Scott and Adam Brody Join Willis and Morgan in Kevin Smith’s A COUPLE Of DICKS

     May 27, 2009

role_models_movie_image_seann_william_scott__2_.jpgCasting decisions are often the lynch pin of whether a movie will ultimately succeed or fail.  Warner Brothers and director Kevin Smith were off to an incredible start on that score when they landed Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan to play the titular buddy-cops of their film “A Couple of Dicks”.  See?  The movie’s about cops not penises! Although, knowing Smith, shit could still go either way…

Today two more names have been added to Kevin’s “Dicks” – which sounds way dirtier than I meant it to.  First up, Sean William Scott will play a thief called ‘The Shit Bandit’ – that name based on the calling cards he leaves at his crime scenes.  And that, my friends, sounds exactly as dirty as I meant it to.  Also on board for the Dick-side of the law is “The OC’s” Adam Brody.  He’ll play an “abrasive detective” who is not happy about working with Willis and Morgan.  Now, seriously.  Have you seen Adam Brody?  The man couldn’t be abrasive if he was covered in sand paper.  Maybe Smith is going for those ironic kind of abrasions?  Just like his ironic use of the cop slang “Dicks” in his title?  We shall see.

“A Couple of Dicks” begins shooting next Monday in NYC.

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