Seann William Scott and Eddie Kaye Thomas Talk AMERICAN REUNION, the rivalry of their characters, and surprises about returning to the franchise

     April 7, 2012


American Reunion, the nostalgia dripping thirteen-plus year sequel to American Pie (nine years since American Wedding, three since the DTV American Pie: Book of Love), leans heavily not only on the past iterations/bonds/adventures of its many characters but more-so on the audience’s own relationship to the original film.  Numerous references to American Pie abound: hey remember the time when Jim failed to seal the deal with Nadia over a webcam or Milf #2 or ‘That Time at Band Camp’?… – because American Reunion sure does and it pulls at every heartstring to make sure you do too.  In the sequel – Jim and Michelle’s marriage has hit a sexual lull, Stifler is now stuck working a dead end job, Oz is a C-level celebrity, Finch has disappeared without a trace and Kevin is just beginning to settle into boring normal adulthood. Of course their high-school reunion tests these status quos – upending some, reaffirming others…

At the recent press day in conjunction with our partners Omelete, I was able to speak with the entirety of the American Reunion cast.  Today’s interview: Sean William Scott & Eddie Kaye Thomas (Stifler & Finch).  In the interview, the duo discuss the rivalry of their characters, the difficulties (or lack thereof) in returning to characters previously played and surprises in how their characters have turned out.  Hit the jump to watch.

Seann William Scott and Eddie Kaye Thomas

  • They talk about how they approach playing their characters
  • They talk about the way they play the rivalry between the two of their characters
  • Is it easier or more difficult to go back to playing the same characters they’ve played before
  • Is acting in this series more reactionary or more preparation
  • Are they ever surprised by where their characters have ended up


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