‘Second-Born Royals’: Olivia Deeble & Faly Rakotohavana’s Practical Superpower of Choice

     September 26, 2020

It’s time to get to know two of the cast members of the new Disney+ feature film, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals directed by Anna Mastro. The movie kicks off by putting the focus on Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Sam, the second in line to the throne of Illyria. She isn’t into the royal scene whatsoever until she comes to learn that being a second-born does come with a major perk (and great responsible) – it means she’s got a superpower and has the opportunity to join a secret society tasked with keeping the world safe.

That’s where Olivia Deeble and Faly Rakotohavana step in as Roxana and Matteo, respectively. As second-born royals themselves, they join Sam in Professor James Morrow’s (Skylar Astin) training program to hone their abilities and to see if they have what it takes to become members of this secret society.


Image via Disney+

With the movie now available to watch on Disney+, I got the chance to chat with Deeble and Rakotohavana. We revisited the projects that helped pave the way to Second-Born Royals, namely Home and Away for Deeble and Nightmare Cinema for Rakotohavana, and also had some fun with cast superlatives and pinpointing the boring but practical superpower they’d most like to have. Find out what they chose in the video interview at the top of this article!

If you’re looking for even more Secret Society of Second-Born Royals talk, we’ve got an interview with Peyton Elizabeth Lee right here and one with Skylar Astin over here. Keep an eye out for our chat with Niles Fitch and Isabella Blake-Thomas coming soon!

Olivia Deeble and Faly Rakotohavana:

  • Even with loads of TV experience, what surprised Deeble most about stepping onto such a massive set for Second-Born Royals?
  • Rakotohavana revisits working on Nightmare Cinema and what he learned from Mick Garris that stuck with him.
  • Which Second-Born Royals cast member is most like the character they play in the movie?
  • If Deeble and Rakotohavana could role-swap with anyone in the film, who would they choose?
  • What’s the most boring but practical superpower they’d like to have?

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