‘See You Yesterday’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Spike Lee-Produced Time Travel Adventure

     April 22, 2019


Far from being a forgettable, algorithm-written story about plucky kids trying to make a time machine, See You Yesterday connects its story to current events in what looks to be a powerful and emotional way. Produced by Spike Lee and directed by his protege Stefon Bristol, the Netflix film follows two high-school best friends (CJ and Sebastian) who build a backpack to travel through time — but that journey takes on a new urgency when CJ’s brother Calvin is killed by police, despite being unarmed.

From there, CJ and Sebastian’s journey (or as the trailer reveals, multiple journeys) to the past become a rescue mission, one that makes them confront the idea that they may not be able to change this tragedy at all, despite their incredible invention. Written by Bristol and Fredrica Bailey, and executive produced by Matthew Myers and Jason Sokoloff, See You Yesterday looks like a deeply emotional film that examines our desire for justice, and what it looks like for us to move forward from grief.

Starring Eden Duncan-Smith, Danté Crichlow, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Brian “Stro” Bradley, Johnathan Nieves, Wavyy Jonez, Myra Lucretia Taylor, and Ron Bobb SempleSee You Yesterday will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on May 3rd, and on Netflix May 17th; check out the trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

High school best friends and science prodigies C.J. and Sebastian spend every spare minute working on their latest homemade invention: backpacks that enable time travel. But when C.J.’s older brother Calvin dies after an encounter with police officers, the young duo decide to put their unfinished tech to use in a desperate bid to save Calvin. From director Stefon Bristol and producer Spike Lee comes See You Yesterday, a sci-fi adventure grounded in familial love, cultural divides and the universal urge to change the wrongs of the past.

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