Selma Blair Exclusive Video Interview – HELLBOY 2: The Golden Army

     July 9, 2008

As most of you know, opening this Friday is “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.” Since most of you are familiar with the film and what it’s about, let me cut to the reason you’re here…the interview with Selma Blair.

In both “Hellboy” films, Selma plays Liz – the love of Hellboy’s life. But unlike the first film, which had Liz struggling to understand her place in the world, “Hellboy 2” shows a new side of Liz…one where she embraces who she is and her love of Hellboy.

Anyway, during my interview with Selma I asked is she ever thought she’d be back playing Liz again and if she’s prepared for another 4 year wait before making a third film. And for more of what we talked about….it’s all listed above the interview.

Finally, if you missed the interviews with Doug Jones, Guillermo del Toro, Hellboy and Ron Perlman, just click on their names. Again, “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” opens this Friday. Go see it so we can all get a third film when Guillermo comes up for air! Oh, if you missed the movie clips from Hellboy 2, click here.

Selma Blair

  • Did she ever think they’d be making another Hellboy

  • How quickly was the film made from when Guillermo first called her

  • What was it like playing Liz this time out

  • Did they ever want to leave set with the costumes on

  • How has Guillermo changed or not changed as a director

  • Since Guillermo told me that he’d like to do Hellboy 3 after the 2 Hobbit movies, I ask Selma if she’s prepared to play Liz again in 4 years.

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